[rescue] Update to the "make offers" thread

Michael Free mfree80286 at adelphia.net
Thu May 13 19:04:05 CDT 2004

Good afternoon,

I'll put this here because everyone I'm dealing with reads this. If we've
agreed on equipment, I haven't forgotten. I've still got the inventory list,
everything is still in order. My life is what's not been in order the last few
weeks. However, the last obstacle to everything going smoothly gets jumped
over once I pick my car up from the shop saturday (50 miles away, and I'll be
a grand lighter) I can start getting boxes and such to the shipping offices,
*and* make any road trips I've promised.

I did manage to get 4 XL shipping crates and packing materials before
everything went to pot, so I'll probably pack the big items and get them out
early next week.

If there's any issue with what we've agreed on, please email me (remove
"[rescue]" from the subject or it'll get filtered). Otherwise, I'll have
shipping info for you sunday.

Thanks for being patient with me.
-Mike Free

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