[rescue] FS: Dec Alpha stuff

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu May 13 08:35:12 CDT 2004

Hello everybody (LTNS to the people I know).

Have some DEC equipment for sale. I'm not a huge DEC guy and surplus ain't
my normal thing but here we go.


$800 gets you an Alphaserver 4100 deskside, with 4 x 300mhz CPU cards.
2.5gb of RAM. 2gb of this RAM is Centon, not DEC. There is two storage
boxes, but only four drives. FDDI, SCSI, VGA, 2nd NIC, etc cards.


Willing to accept $1650 for the following lot:
THREE Digital racks containing many storageworks boxes, lots of 4gb disk,
full rack kits, two or more HSZ50 hardware raid controller (each one is
redundant), some HSZ40B raids. There is one Alphaserver 4100RM that is
near complete, one that is parts. Two Alphaserver 2100s in the racks (One
is missing the front). Systems need RAM cards, there might be some in
there but not much. Interested parties, I can get a full invetory for the
serious buyer. Full power cords, there are misc storage / raids on the
backs of the racks as well.

Here is a picture of the racks:

Just rack #1 alone:

There are some more of the storageworks drive rackmount kits/racks as well.
Plus all the floorstanding storageworks kits are included in this lot.

Equipment is located in Virginia Beach, VA  (757 REPRESENT!@#).


Decserver 900TM ... $125 each, 2 availible.


SGI Challenge XL #1, $250 ... 1 CPU card, some IO and such, bottom door is
broken but hangs on via the magnetic strip, RAM. Works fine.

SGI Challenge XL #2, $600 ... 8 R10k CPUs, lots of RAM, lots of IO,
bangin' box. Dual 100mbps Fast ethernet, FDDI, ATM, etc. Works fine.


Cisco 7000 w/ RSP7000/CI, MCIP card, 6 ethernet, HSSI, 8meg flash, 256mb
DRAM, $450, single AC, a few teeth missing from front bottom cover,
missing top AC power supply plate, FULL RACK KIT!!!!


Just sold a Cray J932se system for $4500. Buyer is being slow to pay &
transport, if someone else says "I'm willing to pay $4500 for it" I will
talk to the people who bought it and it is yours. I don't normally sell
stuff from under people but I've been more than nice to these people and I
need the floor space.  No disks, but 3 rack system with dual IOS. Email me
if your interested and I can give you the full details.

In a crunch for space as geek meets are going to start happening at our
small office, so looking to move this system ASAP.


NEED VRM+CPUS for Compaq 1850Rs! Pentium-II style. If you have, send me
your wants maybe we can trade or something


Email me off list if interested.
Equipment is in Virginia Beach, VA. 4 hours from DC, 4 hours from Raleigh.

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