[rescue] Ultra 2 Drives...

Micah R L lassloc at hotpop.com
Wed May 12 18:35:50 CDT 2004

I just bought an Ultra 2 motherboard inside a (custom?) aluminum 
rackmount chassis, just like in this auction:
(TekSavers were great people, by the way - I'd recommend em.)

However... there is no drive cage! The U2 takes SCA drives, and the 
connectors are there on the motherboard, of course, but there is no cage 
around that, no way to screw drives in, or anything (there is *room* for 
the drives, just no way to attach them.). Does anyone have a solution on 
a possible way around this? I can try to post pictures either thie 
evening or tomorrow evening, if it would help.

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