Ebay Id's was Re: [rescue] Origin 2000 Questions

James Rice jrice54 at vzavenue.net
Wed May 12 09:51:30 CDT 2004

My ebay is sparks77, a nickname from my days as an electrician.

>An unintentional snipe, I assure you.  I checked my auctions and found
>out I had been outbid 2 minutes before the auction closed.  We really
>ought to build a list of listmember's ebay ID's so we don't bid against
>each other and drive up prices.

I seem to find more than I can afford anyway, so i really don't care.  
My wife would probably welcome someone sniping me....she doesn't even 
know about the four Origin 200's on the way.  BTW, does anyone have a 
few Craylink cables available.

>Well, about the idea of building up a list of ebay IDs for list members, I (for one) probably wouldn't join, as it would provide a very quick means for folks with similar interestes to focus in on exactly what I find interesting, and not bother searching on their own finds...

I have around 20 saved searches and categories to browse. 


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