[rescue] Origin 2000 Questions

James Braid jamesb at loreland.org
Mon May 10 19:42:38 CDT 2004

On 11/05/2004, at 8:50 AM, Michael Dombrowski wrote:
> Hello All:
> I've got a lead on a Origin 2000 sans CPU boards that
> I've got a couple questions about. I think it's a
> 2200, the kind that will take 4CPU boards.

Cool! :)

Origin hardware rocks.

> Is there any way to test a (otherwise) complete
> chassis that lacks CPU boards?

I guess you could hook a console up to the MSC (module system 
controller) which would give you some idea at least.

> Can it be rewired for 120v?

Not sure ... I live in NZ, the power here is all 240v.

> What's a good price for this?
> How much are CPU boards and anyone here got any for
> cheap?

There are a stack of dual 195Mhz boards on eBay for something like $15 
at the moment.

> How much does one weigh?

A deskside would be maybe 50 - 75kg empty...

SGI have a lot of good documentation on their techpubs website, 

Cheers, James

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