[rescue] WTB: SS5/20 drive brackets & drive

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Mon May 10 18:25:58 CDT 2004

Sat, 08 May 2004 @ 14:13 -0400, Eric Webb said:

> I need a drive sled for my SS5.  If anyone has any drives they want to get rid 
> of, I could entertain that.  I'm looking for capacity and not necessarily 
> speed (as I hear, 10K's aren't a great idea for a two-disk, two-proc SS20).  
> I'm looking for a 9 or 18, but if you have 4.5's I won't spit on them either 
> :)

No drives, but I have about 5 SS5 sleds.

I've thought of selling them as I think my SS5 days are almost over, but
I don't think I'd sell more than 2 of them right now.

If that will do you, make an offer privately.

I imagine both can be shipped for $3.85 via USPS Priority.

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