[rescue] SPARCBook Parts and Accessories FT/FS

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sun May 9 18:00:48 CDT 2004


> I've got a pile of Tadpole SPARCBook and P1000 systems and accessories 
> available.
> No reasonable offer refused.

   Way cool.  'Cause I've got one running 3gx and a dead one that
desperately needs a display and a disk.  I can't help with "interesting
bits" (unless you need more Sun kit, of which I have more than I
really need).  (How about Intergraph bits?)

> 520MB: 							Qty 4
> 810MB:							Qty 5

   How much would you like for one (or two) of the 810s?  They're
a perfect match for what I have.

> Tadpole P1000 (Pentium 100Mhz), non-working		Qty. 4+
> (Uses same LCD, keyboard, enclosure, etc as 
> SPARCBook 3 series - good for parts).

   How much for one of the dead ones?  My second 3gx has a terminally
dead display.  Is the P1000 display compatible with the 3gx?


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