[rescue] Re: misc XIO card

ghub005 ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sun May 9 16:06:58 CDT 2004

Kevin wrote:

What is this?


The auction calls it a "SGI XTALK PCI, XIO-PCI Shoehorn Adapter"

_____________________<end quote>__________________________

It is a a carrier board that allows a single 64-bit PCI card to mount directly 
into an XIO slot. They're mainly used for adding GigE or FC-AL connectivity to 
Origin/Onyx machines.

I understand that they can also be used on Octane systems, though a little 
mechanical work is required to make them fit. This might not seem that 
useful given that a PCI card-cage option is already available, but it has the 
advantage that you don't end up sharing the (comparatively) limited PCI bus 
bandwidth between multiple cards.



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