[rescue] VAX systems

ghub005 ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Fri May 7 22:38:37 CDT 2004

Hi Lads

One of my corporate clients is moving to a new building and they've asked 
me to clear out their sub-basement. The sub-basement is crammed with 
many older HP 9000, SGI, RS/6000, and Sun machines. However there are 
also 16 VAX systems tucked away in there.

No-one knows why all of this equipment was kept, but the feeling is that the 
data centre manager didn't want to see anything get unnecessarily thrown 
away (god bless him). So as it got decommissioned over the years, it was all 
put into storage under the building.

The basic specs I've been given are as follow:

VAX 8400. 2GB. 2 processors. 670GB of disk.
VAX 4000. 384MB. 1 processor. 114GB of disk
VAX 7000. 1GB. 4 processors.
VAX 7000. 4GB. 5 processors.
VAX 4000. 40MB. 1 processor.
VAX 4000. 64MB. 1 processor.
VAX 4000. 48MB. 1 processor.
VAX 4000-500. 48MB. 1 processor. 18.2GB of disk.
VAX 4000. 48MB. 1 processor.
VAX 6000. 320MB. 1 processor. 95.1GB
VAX 6000. 576MB. 1 processor. 95.1GB of disk.
VAX 6000. 576MB. 2 processors. 
VAX 4000-500. 64MB. 1 processor. 4.1GB of disk.
VAX 4000-500. 64MB. 1 processor.
VAX 4000-500. 64MB. 1 processor.
VAX 4000-500. 64MB. 1 processor.

I've been asked to dispose of this equipment (it is all located in New Zealand). 
Unfortunately I know almost nothing about VAX hardware, so any suggestions 
or advice about what to do with it would be greatly appreciated.



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