[rescue] FT: Motorola MPx200 Smartphone

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Thu May 6 20:28:46 CDT 2004

If you haven't gotten rid of it yet, a friend of mine might be 
interested in the trade.  Let me know if it's still available.  
Alterenatively, i might be interested myself, but i don't have an xbox 
to trade, but i do have funds in paypal. :)

    -Dan Sikorski

Bill Bradford wrote:

>I just switched to a Sony/Ericsson T226 cell phone, and so I've got my
>Motorola MPx200 Smartphone up for trade.  This is basically a PocketPC
>Smartphone (running Smartphone 2002).
>Motorola's page:
>AT&T Wireless' page:
>This is a great phone, but overkill for my needs (I didn't really need
>full PDA functionality after all).  I really liked the audio quality,
>display, and the fact that it has no external antenna to get broken.
>The only issue I ever had with this phone was that my SIM card did not 
>always make good contact with the contacts in the phone, so I had to put a
>piece of paper between it and the battery to make a tighter connection.  
>This may have been the specific SIM card that AT&T gave me.  Other than
>that, I got excellent service and reception using it.
>I don't have a SIM card from another provider to test with, but the phone
>may be locked to AT&T Wireless.  I've heard mixed reports of whether the
>MPx200s were unlocked by default.  In any case, there are many places on
>the 'Net (or even possibly local) that can unlock the phone for a small
>I've got the phone, battery, AC adapter, and desktop cradle (which is
>just a stand with a MiniUSB cable).  I think I may still have the original
>box and packaging around here as well, along with a still-sealed copy of 
>Outlook and ActiveSync.  Everything is about five months old; I got it in 
>late December or early January.
>I'd like to trade the phone + accessories for a working used XBox (with
>one controller) so I can build an XBox Media Center machine.
>AT&T's current price on the phone (with a 2-year contract) is $249.99. 
>I paid $170 after a (hefty) corporate discount, so I figure a trade for
>a used XBox ($149 new, $110 around here used) is pretty even.
>Email me if interested.

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