[rescue] Ultra 1, KVM, and Flat Panel woes

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Thu May 6 08:47:34 CDT 2004

We've got a bit of a mess downstairs, one of the Ultra 1 development
workstations is on a KVM switch, with ps/2 adapters, and SVGA adapters and
all that cruft, and it works fine for output on a standard SVGA CRT
monitor.  Never had a minute's trouble, and we can switch from PC to Sun to
Macintosh (another adapter) with impunity.  We made one small change, to a
flat panel LCD display.  Everything works as before except the Ultra 1.  No
video whatever, and it's an autodetect LCD with horizontal/vertical rates
high enough even for Sun.  If we switch back to the CRT, video comes on
without a reboot so it's not in headless mode.  I've put a Sun keyboard in
the keyboard socket instead of the KVM switch keyboard cable and then
rebooted, just to make sure.

We're checking the display settings inside the LCD, to try and get anything
out of it at all.  If you've gotten an LCD to work on an Ultra or similar
Sun boxen, any clues would be appreciated.  The Ultra 1 is standard/out of
the box with the addition of one more SCSI hard disk.  Minimal config from
Sun as far as RAM and CPUs.

Wes Will
Help Desk, SIUC
Welcome to my nightmare.

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