[rescue] Re: sun e450 salvage -questions

Charles Redmond charlie250y at yahoo.com.au
Thu May 6 07:32:49 CDT 2004

I get rescue in digest mode so after some cutting and

>> I found one of the CPU's didn't match so I removed
>> that and also had one faulty power supply.

>Odd that it would have two kinds of CPUs...
Yes, very. But it does match with the description I
got from the seller that the fault was "cpu related".

>> So I now have a 3 x 400 Mhz E450 up. Now to buy a
>> reasonable quantity of ram for the beast. (-:

>IIRC, the E450 will interleve nicely if your RAM is
>all matched - sets of 4 are required, but if you have
>a bank of 8 or all 16 DIMM sockets filled with
>identical RAM, it will interleve across them...
Yup. I'm planning on using the interleave feature.

>Did you say it has more than the standard 4 drive
>SCSI backplane? Does it have one or two additional 8
>drive backplanes, and required PCI SCSI cards to
>drive them? If so, you got a wicked good deal ;^)

It has both 8 bay backplanes and the cards to drive
them. (-:
>I don't think additional PS are needed, but I just
>got two (to fill out my E450 for $60/ea, including
>S/H - $45 before S/H). 

Shipping to Australia makes that more expensive and
complex since even from my browsing of ebay tonight to
see how hard/easy getting the bits will be seems to
indicate a lot of vendors being "us only".

I'd like to grab either an E3000 or E3500 in the
future and an Alpha 4100 or ES40 is also on the want
list. Right now my biggest (in size, not performance)
alpha is a 2100 but with only a single EV45 275 Mhz
CPU. Long term, I'd really love an SGI Challenge XL.
But I'm in a rented flat for now and 1 rack takes a
lot of space.

I didn't participate in the "current collection"
thread  but to give people an idea of the collection:

Sun E450
Sun U60
Sun U30
Sun U1
Sparc 5/170
Sparc 5/70
Sparc 10/40

DEC PWS 433au
DEC PWS 500au
DEC alpha 5/500 AS800
3 x DEC Alphaserver 3305 5/500 (whitebox AS800)
1 x DEC Alphaserver 5305 single 533mhz (whitebox
1 x Alphaserver 1000
DEC alphaserver 2100
DEC AS 255/233
DEC AS 200 (running as my firewall with another as a
hot spare)
DEC Alpha XL - the poor alpha that never had SRM
escape from Digital. So it's ARC only.

Dual screen DECstation 5000/260 with 320 MB ram
(still running Ultrix)

Vaxstation 4000/90 x 2
Vaxstation 4000/60 x 2
Vaxstation 4000/VLC 

DECstation 2100

3 DEC Prioris Intel boxes (varying from dual ppro 200
to dual pII 300)
1 Compaq Proliant 3000 (man, this box is NOISY, I
suspect one of the internal fans is bad)
1 DELL 2300 Dual PII 333
1 DELL 1300 single piii 500mhz

1 SGI Indigo2 MIPS R4600 I think? 150mhz

The bad thing is I'm at a job where there is no unix,
only MS crud, but the benefit is I get to do the VMS
admin. This is a steep learning curve!

Only the E450, Compaq Proliant and the 2100's (alpha
and DECstation) are normally off. I might only be
listed 10th or so on the distributed folding list for
geeks, but I _am_ doing 3 net projects.. (-:


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