[rescue] Re: sun e450 salvage -questions

Charles Redmond charlie250y at yahoo.com.au
Thu May 6 06:19:28 CDT 2004

Thanks to Janet for her answers.
I removed some ram from an old sparc 10 for testing
purposes and fired the best up.

I found one of the CPU's didn't match so I removed
that and also had one faulty power supply.

So I now have a 3 x 400 Mhz E450 up. Now to buy a
reasonable quantity of ram for the beast. (-:

So over the next month a few trips to ebay are in
order to buy in order:
1 GB ram
some spud brackets and disks
2 more power supplies.

I'd also like to add casters back to the base of the
unit since having it flat on the floor is very awkward
to open the disk bay door. Dunno if I could buy them
at a hardware store (???)

Finally if I can find a dead box or maybe even buy
some spares off sun I would like to replace some
busted plastic fittings. The bracket that holds the
cover with the name badge and led covers is completely
wrecked. Completely cosmetic, but I like to fix even
cosmetic issues.


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