SGI 320 memory was Re: [rescue] Big VME Crates

Tom Ponsford tponsford at
Mon May 3 15:42:18 CDT 2004

Well, as I thought, the VME crates went for about $2-$5 dollars. Having no 
room, I had to let them go.

I did pick up an interesting item though, a SGI 320 visual workstation for 
about $35.00. Normally I usually don't go for peecee stuff, but the case was 
"sooo puurtee". I couldn't resist. Dual PII 500's a 47 GB ATA disk and 512 MB 
of memory. it even had the digital video connector for the 1600 WS flat 
screens, which were sold separately for about $200-250 a piece. What was 
serendipitous was I had picked up a box o' stuff at the auction a few months 
ago that included the SGI 320 software, NT4, etc.
It was during and right after the install that I started getting  Hard ECC 
memory errors, pointing to a possibly bad memory modules. Unfortunatly these 
SGI's use a weird proprietary sdram module installed in lots of SIX!!!. So 
unless I can find a single memory stick, I'm stuck looking for a whole 6 stick 
512MB set and even on Ebay it's not real cheap.

Would anyone out there have a spare module to sell or trade for??

I might try out linux on it, but I heard the accelerated graphics are not yet 
supported. So it's NT for now.



Tom Ponsford wrote:
> The Uof A auction has two BIG VME crates up for auction tommorrow.
> One is a big sparcserver 390 which is upgradable to the sparc 690 (smp) 
> and the other is a big ol' sun 3/280
> in a Large 7' rack. The sun 3/280 will go for more just for the rack, 
> but I expect the 390 will go for $2.50-$5.00, unfortunatly for the 
> scrapper.
> I can probably get the 3/280 for nada if someone buys it for the rack.
> Takers??
> pictures
> Cheers
> Tom

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