[rescue] Re: 840AV was: Alpha CPUs

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed May 5 11:28:38 CDT 2004

On 5/5/04 10:43 AM, "William Enestvedt" wrote:

> Josh wrote, about my 840 AV:
>> You breaking my heart here.  Sure you don't want to at least part it
>> out, if you don't want to ship the entire thing?
>  I could, if anyone wants specific pieces. Anyone? Bueller?
> -wde

I have an 840AV complete with memory, drive, CD, etc. that won't boot. Might
be as simple as a PRAM battery, or something worse, but I don't want to
fiddle with it.

I'll send it wherever if someone will at least cover shipping.


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