[rescue] More Mac rescue questions

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Wed May 5 10:41:59 CDT 2004

Geoff wrote:
> Hi, I rescued a Mac 1400 powerbook. Not much of a rescue, but a nice
> little PowerPc laptop. If only it had more memory. :-) (mine has 16m).
   Which 1400 do you have? I have a 1400CS, which sports the slowest CPU
(117 MHz) and has a miserable passive-matrix screen. Mine runs 8.6
*very* nicely -- you'll need more RAM for yours, if you can find it.
   OTOH, I have the video-out card, and I maxed the RAM (64 MB) and
installed a whopping 10GB hard drive!
   I also have the SCSI cable, but I lack a CD-ROM drive module for the
Bay. :7(
   The Orinoco Silver (? Gold, too, maybe) cards work dandy here, which
is nice. (I got my Orinono card from our metowrk guys, and I think
they'd Frown if I gave it away.) Oh, and I have both a Global Village
56k PCMCIA card [though its software may only be on the old 750 MB hard
drive], as well as a Motorola Mariner EtherNet/33k modem combo card.
   This system, too, like the 840AV, is idle, but I may have a friend to
give it to (and it takes up less room than the tower!). When the second
one goes, I'll also get rid of the external SCSI Zip & 2 GB Jaz drives.
   I can't offer you the drivers you need, but if you want mine whole or
for parts...
Will Enestvedt
UNIX System Administrator
Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

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