[rescue] Rescued iMacs looking for input on repair

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Wed May 5 09:33:24 CDT 2004

On May 5, 2004, at 10:00 AM, Thomas Gallaway wrote:
> Now the third imac a 333mhz one is weird. When I plug it in it poweres  
> up and then off right away. All within 1 second. I can see the tube  
> power up shortly too. I figured I might need to either try to zap the  
> PMU, replace the battery or replace the down converter module.


I can pretty much guarantee a bad PAV board.  It's arc'ing or  
overloading the X-Ray protection circuitry.  Down Converters hardly  
ever go bad.  PMU has nothing to do with this.  Neither does the  


and remember: a CRAY is the only computer
that runs an endless loop in just four hours ...  --Snarfed from a forum

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