[rescue] Rescued iMacs looking for input on repair

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Wed May 5 09:13:44 CDT 2004

> The first mac turned out to work just fine :-)
> The second one had a stuck power button. Great but opening it up I
> found  out it got dropped. So I debent the metal and powered it up.
> Works fine  besides the screen has red lines running true the picture.
> Also when I  powered it down there was a red dot in the center. I
> figured it might be  the transformer issue people refer to.

That's probably not the flyback issue.  More than likely it's either the
monitor cable, driver board, or tube.  It might even be the video card RGB
> Now the third imac a 333mhz one is weird. When I plug it in it poweres
> up and then off right away. All within 1 second. I can see the tube
> power up shortly too. I figured I might need to either try to zap the
> PMU, replace the battery or replace the down converter module.

I rescued a 233 Bondi with exactly the same symptoms.  That _is_ the
PAV/flyback issue most likely.  You can confirm that by taking off the
bottom cover and removing the monitor cable and plugging an external
monitor into it.  It should come right up if it's the PAV issue.
I don't know if you can switch the 333 "sled" into the workign 233 case. 
I doubt it though.
If you want to get rid of one of the three I'll be happy to take the
red-dot one off your hands for cost of shipping.
Mike Hebel

"Bah!" - Dogbert

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