[rescue] sun e450 salvage -questions

Charles Redmond charlie250y at yahoo.com.au
Tue May 4 20:06:16 CDT 2004

After the last few days worth of messages I feel the
need to help return the list to it's original
purpose.. (-:

I received a Sun E450 today after paying the whopping
price of $300 AUD. The system didn't get retired
gracefully by it's former owners - they put on some
side panels badly and consequently it's suffered some
plastic breakage in transit. Otherwise it doesn't look
too bad. It appears to have both SCSI bays present for
one thing, though no disks.
It has 4 CPU's present though I've yet to identify the
type, but they have 4 MB cache.
Now - onto the questions...

I've been told that at least one of the CPU's is
If I can identify the problem one can I just remove it
and run on the remaining CPU's? Do I need to put in
some type of terminator or anything ?

There is also no ram in the system. Can I use U30 ram
and is ram installed in banks, singly, in pairs or
sets of 4 ?

Finally, one of the three power supplies are missing.
Are there any rules for how much you can run on two
p/s as far as CPU's/disks go, or are all three
actually required?

Any assitance appreciated. I'm really looking forward
to powering this thing on. It should go well with the
U1, U30 and U60. But I might have to turn a few other
things off before I test it. I think I'm fairly close
to what my poor flat can handle power wise on it's
limited circuits!


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