[rescue] NEXTSTEP on SS5...

Micah R L lassloc at hotpop.com
Tue May 4 18:48:29 CDT 2004

Hey all,
I've recently acquired a SPARCstation 5, so that I can have a NeXT 
machine that's cheaper than the actual black hardware. I have a copy of 
NeXTSTEP 3.3 (?) for RISC (sun and hp).
The SS5 starts to boot from the CDROM, and asks a few of the beginning 
questions (what language, are you sure, etc), and then.... (the 
following is with diagnostic messages enabled)
Loading mach_kernel

Reading NEXTSTEP configuration
Loading /usr/standalone/sparc/sarld
Loading binary for CG6FrameBuffer device driver.
Loading binary for SunLe device driver.
Loading binary for SCSAController device driver.
NeXT Mach 3.3: Tue Feb 14 21:04:17 PST 1995; 
physical memory = 64.00 megabytes
using 163 buffers containing 1.27 megabytes of memory
available memory = 59.14 megabytes. vm_page_free_count = 1d92
Ethernet address = 08:00:20:87:20:3d
espdma0 at space 0 0x78400000
esp0 at space 0x78800000 (onboard)
ledma0 at space 0 0x8400010
zs0 at space 0 0x71100000 pri 12 (onboard)
zs1 at space 0 0x71000000 pri 12 (onboard)
Memory access exception (1,1,0)
Waiting for remote debugger connection.
(Type 'c' to contiue or 'r' to reboot)

Anybody have any ideas?

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