[rescue] i860 Success

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue May 4 16:16:48 CDT 2004

>>Mr. Bill, good luck man.  I hope the signal-noise ratio improves over here
>>as/if the weenies move on.
Subjective comment; things change constantly... I like the good luck 
part though.
> I'm --> <-- this close to just shutting down the entire list, as every time
> someone unsubscribes people seem to blame ME for it, as if I'm not "enforcing
> the rules" enough.

Please don't!

> I provide the list(s), I don't have time to sit and police every single post
> nor the desire to get involved in every debate that occurs and see if its up
> to "list standards".  

We should all be adults. Or at least act like adults. ;)

> I thought people would be good enough at policing themselves, but that's 
> obviously not the case.
> The "pain in the rear" factor is getting up on the same level as the "good
> feeling I get out of providing this resource" factor.

This list is an extremely useful thing for me, personally. I don't 
always say a lot (mostly because I *try* to stay on topic!) but I read a 
lot and learn *a* *lot* !

If there is anything that someone (well, like me, I guess) could do to 
help shotr of money (I have very little to spare) I would be happy to.

Thanks for providing this list. It has always been a great resource. And 
if there is a thread that I don't think is worth it for me to read, I 
know how to delete emails...


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