[rescue] OS for PA-RISC

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue May 4 16:09:09 CDT 2004

>>What is HP-UX's status  (10.20)?  I've never used it or anything, but saw
>>no downloads in a quick google search, so non-free (older versions) I am
> A 715 will run HP-UX 11.x as well, since it has the LASI chipset, according to 
> openpa.net. I use HP-UX 11.00 on my 712s; it's quite slow compared to 10.20 
> (the 712/60 is the absolute oldest, slowest system that will still run 11.x), 
> but it's worth it in my opinion to have recent security patches from HP, and 
> stuff like HP's official OpenSSH binaries and newer freeware builds from the 
> HP-UX porting center at connect.org.uk.
> Apparently there used to be ways to get HP-UX media for free from HP, but not 
> anymore. I had to buy 11.00 media on eBay.

I have 10.20 on a 715/50 and a 712/60 and both run OK. I had other 
desktops besides CDE, too. I'm back to CDE for some reason I can't 
remember, though. The 712 is sort of a terminal server for a 700/RX.

I asked HP for 11.0 at the magic time it seems, since they sent me a CD 
(maybe 2) of 11.0 for free. "Handmade" copy too. Kinda odd. I don't know 
that 10.20 was ever available for free, but it might have been.

It is good to know that 11.0 will run on a 715. Since this is a 100, I 
may try it. Thanks.

Sorry if this is "old news" I was actually away from email for a couple 
of days. (Yes it was very difficult!)


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