[rescue] Cisco 5000 parts

Mark Price mark at tqhosting.com
Tue May 4 14:59:48 CDT 2004

James wrote:

>There is so much for this that shows up on ebay. I have one and love it.
>You'll need at least one power supply and a Supervisor card. The Supervisor
>is where the brains live. Then you need port cards (pick a topology, I think
>everything but Arcnet is supported). If you want layer 3 you'll need an RSP
>(route switch processor).
I already have the AC power supply in, and a Supervisor III card (part # 

Do you have a RSP?  I was wondering how that works.. It looks like I 
have CatalystOS on my Supervisor card.  Does IOS run on the RSP?  Do you 
know of any how-to sites for this switch platform?  I've been wading 
through cisco's site but there is just so much stuff its hard to find 
what is useful and whats not.


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