Alpha CPUs, was Re: [rescue] i860 Success

Robert Rose rescue at
Tue May 4 03:40:36 CDT 2004

On 04/05/2004, at 4:46 PM, Phil wrote:
>> I have heard it claimed (but have no experience to say) that the 68k
>> instruction set is more "orthogonal" than the x86's.
> Yup, that fits my recollection too.
Dunno if "orthogonal" really describes it, but the 68000 is a lot 
easier to learn than x86, which is why they teach it at Uni.... hmm...

*digs out Uni textbook "The 68000 Microprocessor"*

It's been 12 years since I've looked at this book, give me a couple of 
days to get reacquainted and I'll get back to you... :)


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