[rescue] i860 Success

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Mon May 3 11:38:53 CDT 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004, Eric Dittman wrote:

> > Actually EV7 is not such a hot design, I would not call it late '80's
> > though. It was a neat architecture, but it just has not benefited from any
> > process technology updates in ages.
> Actually, the EV7 is a hot design.  It works, and works well, and is the result
> of several technology updates, but then again it probably isn't talked about in
> a textbook so you wouldn't know.

Hum, sorry I did not make things clear. The EV7 was a hot design (whatever
that means), it is not a "hot" design now in the sense of the state
of the art in architectural research (it took Compaq forever to release
the chip when it could have had a winner 2/3 years ago when it was
supposed to be out). This is in the context of comparing it to the latest
from IBM or even Intel, Fujitsu et al. And even when it was released
Compaq will do anything they can so you do not buy it, which is a sad end
for such a great chip.

About the textbook stuff, well the EV7 has not made it to the textbook
mainstream, but it is discussed in detail in many papers. I can even get
you neat copies from the transactions if you want.

> That's it.  There's too many half-informed people running around now on rescue.
> They've read something in a magazine, on a search engine, or out of a textbook
> and think that makes them an authority.  The result is the noise on rescue now
> heavily outweighs the signal.

Sincerelly my apologies if I dared taking the name of the Alpha in vain.

I agree with the signal to noise ratio, but then again like that dude
said "whoever is free of blame should cast the first stone." This list is
a great resource and I have learn a big deal of things, even when I
disagree with some of the posters and most of us here are a bunch of
opinionated asses, but I guess that is the nature of the beast.

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