[rescue] i860 Success

William G. Gruesbeck bgruesbeck at daysys.com
Mon May 3 10:47:52 CDT 2004

> Second the motion with my own 02 cents - I've learned a great deal 
> about my trade here; I'd be much poorer without the experience.
> ~brian
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Same here. Even though I've only been on the list for a short time, but 
I've already learned quite a bit. The combined knowledge and experience 
of the people on this list (even after some unsubscribe) is staggering. 
I had never even *heard* of someone having a Cray at home, let alone two 
or three sitting beside PDP 11's and Vaxen! <Public Service 
Announcement> Because of this list I learn something new just about 
everyday. And I see things that make me want to go look up documentation 
or experiment with my own hardware.</Public Service Announcement>
Honestly though, if this list went away, not only would it be a major 
loss, but I'd prbably have to go and start up a new list with the same 
ideas and goals. Let's hope this doesn't happen since I don't have much 
luck with mailing list managers.

Thank you Mr. Bill for providing this list. In all seriousness, it's 
really nice to get to listen to/be around people that have forgotten 
more than I'll ever know about microprocessors and machine design while 
being open and polite to those of use who don't know as much. Thanks.

William G. Gruesbeck Jr.

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