[rescue] i860 Success

ed at the7thbeer.com ed at the7thbeer.com
Mon May 3 08:20:18 CDT 2004

> Yanno, I'm beginning to agree with McGuire, and that disturbs me... Why
> is it that something has to be designed within the past month to be any
> good?  The AXP design is *still* way ahead of any of the total crap
> that Intel is producing.
> Newer does not always mean better.  Luckily, most people seem to think
> that *is* the case, allowing me to get some fantastic kit at unreal
> prices. :-)

Think "hemi".

What we've got here is a list full of wanna-be's, know-nothings and
opinionated folks that have never actually worked with the technology in
any detail or depth sufficient to gain meaningful insight or

That said, yeah...it's time to unsub from this list.  It used to be a
great place, and I made a number of friends here.  The
contingent has pretty much made this list 99% useless for *anything* other

1) Bashing non-x86 designs
2) Promoting $open_source_os, where $open_source_os = $linux_variant
3) Observing a minority, but a vocal minority, of subscribers
   continually talk out their bodily openings about things they clearly
   know NOTHING about (which is proved in a circular manner when they
   open their mouth to start with).

I personally find #3 to be the most egregious.

Mr. Bill, good luck man.  I hope the signal-noise ratio improves over here
as/if the weenies move on.


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