[rescue] GPL Solaris?!?

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Sun May 2 12:59:57 CDT 2004

 > Think about it:  We could build a proper Radeon 7000 driver for the
 > Solaris X server.

That, or perhaps put back in the support for some of those framebuffers
that Sun decided to just flat out drop, such as the ZX series and S24.
Sure, there might be work that'd have to be done, but it'd be nice to have
something comparable to the Elite3D UPA for the SBUS systems. Not
everyone has the UPA or PCI busses in their Solaris box.

 >Or even backport support so that an older system could run the latest
 >Solaris.  Or add OpenBSD's "pf" packet filter to it.

First and foremost, fix the installer - not asking for UI redesign,
just a bit more sane way of handling dependencies, partitioning, and
cutting unneeded services off.
Next, if you're going to still support the sbus/mbus systems, support the
base hardware that's on them - dont force them out by taking out "rare"
components one by one. 

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