[rescue] MB or PS

Robert Rose rescue at mylighthouse.net
Sun May 2 02:43:01 CDT 2004

I got me a busted Ultra 2, symptoms are that the machine appears to 
die, everything unresponsive.  Power cycle fixed it a couple of times, 
but increased in frequency where now it will seldom power up at all.

Most times now I hit the power button, the power LED doesn't come on, 
power supply fan spins, CD light flashes, but nothing out ttya.  When I 
do get it to power up, it's ok for a few minutes, long enough to 
printenv, then it dies.

Have stripped out all sbus cards and swapped out CPU for a spare, same 
symptoms.  I can probably invest a small amount of cash to get it going 
again, so I'm after opinions on whether I should replace the 
motherboard or the power supply first, or if there are any other 
suggestions on where to look.


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