[rescue] i860 Success

InnfoGraphics at aol.com InnfoGraphics at aol.com
Sun May 2 02:13:41 CDT 2004

Wasn't the BIIN computer project one of those that used the i860? It was a 
joint project between Siemens 95% and Intel 5% in the late 1980s and I think it 
used at least 2 CPUs,

I have the original test bed for the BIIN CPU board and documentation 
on it. 

We scrapped the last of the BIIN systems under a certified destruction 
contract about 1991. The cases were beautiful examples of German workmanship that 
had been air freighted over. We unpacked the boxes and took them apart. It took 
about 4 hours to take one apart.

I hated to do it but we had very good relations with Intel surplus at the 
time and I sure didn't want to destroy that. We never did see any of the i860 
chips. The boards had all of the big socketed chips removed. Intel didn't let 
that stuff out.

I got the test bed from Intel in a general sale later without the 
restrictions of a contract.

Astoria, OR

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