[rescue] Odd Mac startup problem

Micah R L lassloc at hotpop.com
Sat May 1 14:47:41 CDT 2004

Micah R L wrote:

> If you have linux installed on the machine, you can use the following 
> commands:
> nvsetenv input-device kbd
> nvsetenv output-device /chaos/control
> I think you can use the 'nvram' command from within OS X.
> From OS9, you can use the program bootvars, available here:
> http://www2.tw.netbsd.org/NetBSD/arch/macppc/macos-utils/bootvars/ 

Forgot to mention: the line that is "input-device kbd" I'm almost sure 
is correct... it's standard across (I think) all of the Mac PPC OF 
models, at least.

The other line, that says "output-device /chaos/control" came from this 
If that doesn't work or something (for example, if you're running off 
another video card), there's some OF voodoo (at least, I couldn't find 
any docs on it and had to ask somebody "in the know") that you can do to 
try and figure out what your video card is. I still have some of that 
info on that lying around; I can look it up for you if ya need.

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