[rescue] Re: Stress relief

James Rice jrice54 at vzavenue.net
Sat May 1 12:06:46 CDT 2004

How strange.  I left the electrical field for computers to get away from 
all of the BS IBEW union work rules.  Computers are still fun.  I pimp 
myself out all day dealing with clueless Wintel users ( my current job 
pays too well to look for anything else)  and on my own time I play with 
non-x86 machines.  In all serious, I kind of miss the old job -  not all 
of the paper work or the taxes or the PITA employee's but the actual 
work. Terminating 12000 connections in a control cabinet over three 
months and not have a single one wrong, starting 4000hp motors for the 
first time (having them not blow up), all of the noise and motion of a 
high speed bottling line that stretches out three city blocks from empty 
case and bottle to the palletizer.  It was lot of fun.

 If you think you will be getting away from computers, think again.  
Unless you work very low end residential jobs, everything in the 
electrical industry is tied to IT in some way of another.

>I was laid off a year ago March and have had no luck finding computer 
>related work. So instead I've applied for an Electrician's 
>Apprenticeship - I interview for it on the 11th.  Great non-computer 
>stress relief as no more computer related stress ;> The best part is 
>that computers can go back to being pure fun toys again.

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