Stress relief (was Re: [rescue] Compaq Proliant 8000

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at
Sat May 1 09:06:36 CDT 2004

> I just spent a couple hours playing my Les Paul, after putting a set of
> straplocks on it.  Ran it through my new Behringer V-Amp2 effects 
> processor into my Marshall amp.  Great non-computer stress relief.

Cool. But I decided to go about it another way.

I was laid off a year ago March and have had no luck finding computer 
related work. So instead I've applied for an Electrician's 
Apprenticeship - I interview for it on the 11th.  Great non-computer 
stress relief as no more computer related stress ;> The best part is 
that computers can go back to being pure fun toys again.

> Bill

Live like you will never die, love like you've never been hurt, dance
like no-one is watching.
				Alex White

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