HP 715, Nextstep, & CD-ROM drives.(Was [rescue] HP 715 ROMS?)

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Wed Mar 31 23:08:43 CST 2004

So the utter insanity continues. I finally scrounged a SCA disk for my 
Sparcstation 4. On a whim, I stick the Nextstep 3.3 risc disk in and it 
boots and installs just fine on the old ss4. I note that the cdrom is 
actually a normal 50 pin drive.

I take the cdrom out of the ss4 and hook it up in the HP 715. It doesn't 
really fit, but it's well enough for testing. Boom, boots, loads the 
installer, no scsi timeouts gets to the point where it should slice up 
the disk and the installer barfs. Seems there is an error with my 
ST15150N and with my ST32550N that Nextstep doesn't like.

I am guessing from the messages on the 4 gb 15150 that it needs a low 
level format to fix some leftover OS X trouble. I have the HP booted in 
-s mode and am at the # prompt. Is there anyway to low level a disk from 
here in PARISC Nextstep?


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