[rescue] IBM 32G1860 Memory Card For Trade/Sale

Todd Carson tc+rescue at jc.dsl.telerama.com
Tue Mar 30 22:21:55 CST 2004

I have an IBM 32G1860 memory card, with eight 16 MB SIMMs for a total of 128 MB of memory. I've just discovered the hard way that these SIMMs aren't compatible with the RS/6000 250 system I've been trying on and off to get running for the past few months.

So, if anyone is interested in this card and its SIMMs, I'd like to sell them, or better, trade them for memory that will work in the 250 and bring it up to >= 64 MB to run AIX 5.1.

I gather that the 32G1860 is compatible with a variety of 7012, 7013, 7015, and 7018 systems, while the 250 needs the "PS/2 style" memory found in the 42T and others.

The machine has four 8 MB SIMMs (74G1235) in the bank beneath the framebuffer. It also has two Kingston 8 MB SIMMs (KTM7318/16 kit) in the other bank in front of that, but it needs SIMMs in sets of four. So I figure I need either two more of the 8 MB Kingston SIMMs, or four more of some other type. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here; in particular I'm assuming that it would be a bad idea to try mixing the two Kingston SIMMs with others, and I'm assuming that the Kingstons would work if I had four of them.

So, if anyone is interested in the memory card and is willing to either trade other SIMMs for it or buy it, please contact me. I'd also be interested if anyone would be willing to part with any better RS6k's (ie, 42T, 43P, etc) inexpensively or for trade; my objective here is to learn AIX, not any particular RS/6000 computer.

Todd Carson

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