[rescue] FS: AXi-Class System - 360/2mb, 512mb, 3xHME

Michael Dombrowski ab1244 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 15:16:07 CST 2004

Hello All,
I've got an interesting AXi-class system for sale. No
idea who makes it but it runs stock Solaris 9 no
problem and appears just to be a funky AXi. Very solid
system just very loud and unneeded :(.

Configured as follows:
360/2mb U5/10/AXi style proc
4x128mb AXi dimms
2xUW SCSI busses
HD15 Video
2xPCI slots, maybe 3
2U Rackmount w/ears
Lots of fans, very good airflow, loud!
2xUltra-style slots for disks
4xInternal slots for disks connected via 68pin

I really like the system and its design but remotely
connecting to my U30 is a better fit for dorm life. I
can take pictures if need be. I sold one to Lionel a
while ago and I believe that he was/is happy with it.
Best offer takes it.


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