[rescue] FrameMaker FYI

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Mar 30 13:31:52 CST 2004

> I also said to me that I personally consider it like if UNIX/VMS/etc. 
> are like riding a motorcycle, then Windows is like being able to ride a 
> bike with training wheels.  It's pretty darn near impossible to not know 
> Windows.  (from that point of view not knowing it means there is 
> something wrong)  It's about ease not exposure.  Just because someone 
> has hardly worked with Windows ever... case in point your mainframe 
> guy... doesn't mean he doesn't know Windows from my point of view.. i.e. 
> that he couldn't figure it out after playing with it for a few seconds.  
> The point is that I learned most of my advanced level support skills on 
> the OS within a few days of just plugging away until I fixed stuff.  It 
> works for that platform.

I do give some sort of disclaimer when I work on Windows (as I must 
sometimes), because Windows is so odd that weird shit appears in weird 
places that would never be suggested by working on any intelligent 
operating system. Example: Windows' propensity to screw with DNS (the 
domain it uses and its hostname in the DNS server) that is enabled in a 
default install and is fixed by going to

My computer|properties|network identification|properties|more

and unchecking the change primary dns suffix when domain menbership 
changes, and

My network places|properties|local 

and UNchecking the "Register this connection's addresses in DNS"

Even if I did know how to do all these kinds of things in Windows (and I 
only know these two because their existence and behavior pissed me off 
no end) this is such a brainded implementation of networking that I'd be 
ashamed to admit it.

Finally, I am afraid that learning the Windows way of doing things (per 
examples shown above) may seriously corrupt the little bit of useful 
computer knowledge I have managed to retain over the past couple of decades.


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