[rescue] SSH, Security and the single SGI

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Mar 30 12:12:52 CST 2004

I have my Challenge L (IRIX 6.5.20) peeking out at the world; the only port
passed along by the DSL router/firewall is the SSH port.  I'm running the
latest SSH, and I have even that restricted by various configurational

I expect that it's about as secure as remote access gets.

At present, I'm not running much in the way of services on the machine, but
I'd like to move some of the stuff off my SPARCstation LX to the Challenge L
to take advantage of the Challenge's greater speed, disk capacity, etc.  In
addition, I'd like for the Challenge to serve up Xterm software and act as
the font server for the Xterms.

So, if I enable tftp and a font server, Samba, and other stuff on the
Challenge, am I somehow lessening its security?

Sheldon T. Hall
shel at cmhc.com
206-780-7971 (CMHC)
206-842-2858 (Home)

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