[rescue] FrameMaker FYI (MS crap)

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Mon Mar 29 15:06:44 CST 2004

On Mar 29, 2004, at 3:45 PM, Wes Will wrote:
>> last year make the purchase of VMware by EMC a lot more
> Sure way to make your helpdesk software acquisition drone who happens 
> to be
> a staunch M$ fan very upset.
> Take the VMWare software he gives you, install it under WinXP just as
> directed, install Win98 and Win2k on there too, for troubleshooting 
> those
> client problems, and then immediately install Linux in the spare part 
> of
> the drive.  Boot to Linux virtual machine in XP via VMWare emulator and
> never, ever crash again.  Smile while drone-boy goes "wibble."
> He tried to make me uninstall it, but can't come up with a coherent 
> reason
> why.
> I smile.  I keep giving out Linux distro CD's for anyone that wants 
> them.
> He keeps telling me to stop bringing people over to the dark side.  I 
> keep
> smiling and burning CD's.

   The...DARK SIDE?  Wow.  Does this moron have any clue at all what 
kind of company Microsoft is, or how truly bad their products really 
are?  Does he not understand the fact that the rest of the computer 
world made it past daily reboots twenty years ago?

   Keep burning CDs.  Bravo.


Dave McGuire          "PC users only know two 'solutions'...
Cape Coral, FL          reboot and upgrade."    -Jonathan Patschke

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