[rescue] FrameMaker FYI (MS crap)

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Mon Mar 29 14:13:58 CST 2004

William Enestvedt wrote:

> Kevin wrote:
>>...from what i was told by an X-MS employee, MS has real
>>problems understanding the inner details of a lot of their older
>>software due to the very poor documentation and organization
>>practices of their past.
>    If true, it dovetails with what I've read about the Samba guys
> essentially providing documentation of the SMB protocol that some
> Microsft developers were verrry grateful to see. :7)

One of my fav quotations from a tech presentation was from
one of the Samba guys (I think Jeremy Allison) at a BayLISA
meeting this last year (paraphrase from memory):

"Every dollar you spend on a Microsoft product is a dollar they
will use to put you out of a job."

He was quite frank about his belief that CIFS will be dead 5-7
years from now after M$ forces everyone to migrate to the new
filesystem they are working on. His comments about the reactions
of the various CIFS vendors to his talk at the CIFS conference
last year make the purchase of VMware by EMC a lot more
understandable --why renegotiate your licensing contract with
M$ when you can buy a prosperous company (though private, by
all accounts, VMware was one of the few post-bust stars in
Silicon Valley) that already has the agreements in place?


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