[rescue] Retracting bids on ebay.

Dan Williams dan_williams at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 29 12:54:20 CST 2004

>Then again, each account has several hundred purchases against them, and not one negative note. I might suggest just letting it go - it's only ten pounds, and you won - right? It might be interesting to send the buyer a note - he did also buy an SS/20 with 20" monitor for 63 pounds, so they may be a kindred spirit - you could make a new friend. ;^)
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Yes, I did think that about the high feedback, but why rebid with an 
amount that you know will not win. I agree about the kindred spirit as 
well, I have actually bought 2 more items from the same seller, so I'll 
wait and see. He hasn't replied to my email yet anyway.


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