[rescue] console show output, does not take input -> fixed

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Mon Mar 29 04:20:17 CST 2004

Carl R. Friend wrote:
> > I _do_ get the CPU board to take some input when I wiggle the connector.
> > Also, I do get feedback that DTR goes high because when I insert the
> > cable, a prompt is sent.
>    Check for (1) a bad console connector on the machine itself and
> (2) for cold/broken solder joints on the socket.

I've got it fixed. Just so this gets into the archives..

The connector was wired as follows:

   TXD ------------- 2
   RXD ------------- 3
   RTS/CTS --------- 4
              \----- 5
   DTR ------------- 6
   GND ------------- 7
   DCD ------------- 8
   DSR ------------- 20

I was using a cross connector that shorted 4+5 and 6+8+20 and crossed
2 and 3. Result: the terminal displayed the output, but the system would
not accept input.

I have connected RTS/CTS with DTR, DCD and DSR now and this seems to
work (the terminal is set to ignore all handshaking).

   TXD ------------- 2
   RXD ------------- 3
   GND ------------- 7
   RTS/CTS ----\
   DTR --------|
   DCD --------|
   DSR --------/

The console now works. Next step: booting (SASI controller sees the Xebec
card with the LARK and the xebex card with the hard disk and floppy, but
they won't boot, harddrive LED keeps burning).

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