[rescue] Looking for old Apollo keyboard for DN300

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Sat Mar 27 14:02:40 CST 2004

On Mar 26, 2004, at 10:05 AM, Steve Sandau wrote:

>> Just to clarify, this is not an HIL keyboard. It is definitely an 
>> RJ11, although perhaps with too many conductors (does that make it 
>> RJ14?). I haven't looked that carefully at it yet.
>> I will have to check up on part numbers. In the meanwhile:
>> "The DN300 keyboard had either a touchpad on the side, or a blank 
>> space. The numeric keypad came along later."
> I just went to check on the HIL (got that wrong earlier) connector box 
> I have for the HP 725 here. It has a ten-wire RJ-45-like connector 
> that goes into the HP box and three jacks on the adapter box: HIL, and 
> two PS/2 connectors for mouse and keyboard.

The DN300 is ten years older than the HP725. We're talking about a 
machine with an 8 MHz 68010.

OTOH, if anybody has any of these keyboard adapter modules like Steve 
mentions, while I'm thinking of it, I could ALSO use two, for some HP 
715/80s I have lying around.

I've been groveling through apocrypha, and here's what I've come up 
with on the DN300 keyboard.

Part numbers (these are Apollo part numbers, and not HP ones, as they 
predate the HP buyout by a looong time):
	* 001666-002 "historically accurate" keyboard w/mouse
	* 001666-001 "historically accurate" keyboard w/touchpad
	* 007121 newer keyboard, the kind most often associated with DN3000, 
DN4000, DN5500, etc. desktop workstations

The newer keyboard will -probably- work if I can rig up the appropriate 
cable magic. But I already have a couple of these types, and it's 
possible I could rig a DIN8/RJ14 adapter with some trial-and-error.

OR somebody might actually have the correct cable which would allow me 
to use my existing newer-type keyboard on the DN300. It is a coiled 
cord with a DE9 on one end, and an... ooop, that looks  like an RJ45! 
It is an RJ45 at the other end.


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