[rescue] Math (was: rescue Digest, Vol 16, Issue 79)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Mar 26 23:35:44 CST 2004

 Ross Bernheim says ...

> I too am also using solder, databooks, test equipment, schematics
> and logical troubleshooting to solve problems in the real world. The
> heaviest math that I use is decibels.
> I did TEMPEST and EMI/EMC and ran into a lot of people who tried
> to reduce things to math and avoid testing. Testing always found the
> problems with trying to use math alone. Trust but verify.

... so these three Americans, an engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician,
are on a train going from London to Glasgow.  All through the north of
England, they saw white sheep in the green fields, but when they crossed the
border into Scotland, they didn't see any sheep at all.

Finally, they spotted a sheep, one lone black sheep, in a field.

"Look," said the engineer, "in Scotland all the sheep in the fields are

"That's just anecdotal evidence," said the physicist, "all we really know is
that some of the sheep are black."

The mathematician shook his head sadly.  "Wrong, wrong, wrong, gentlemen.
In Scotland there exists at least one field in which there is at least one
sheep which is black on at least one side."


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