[rescue] console show output, does not take input

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Fri Mar 26 12:56:42 CST 2004


My latest rescue is a VME system with 'microproject' boards (68010,
memory, SASI, 8x serial). The console port is one of the serials.
I do see the startup messages, but I cannot type anything, it does not
take any input at all.

I am using a crossbox that shorts the DTR/whathaveyou so DTR/DSR should
not be a problem. I tried different terminals (laptop, vt220, ..) and
different cables, including a flatcable to be sure all wires are
connected. I tried different baudrates, asynchronous baudrates,
different stopbits/parity bits, nothing helps.

I _do_ get the CPU board to take some input when I wiggle the connector.
Also, I do get feedback that DTR goes high because when I insert the
cable, a prompt is sent.

Does anybody have any clue? It just _must_ be the cable I keep telling
me, but none work.

BTW, the SASI controller connects to a CDC LARK drive, which is a
removable harddisk with 25MB single-platter cartridges. It has a RODISC
25MB fixed harddisk, a 5.25" floppy disc and a total of 640kB RAM. It's
supposed to be running ACE-UNIX (from www.ace.nl). The system itself was
sold as 'loVME'.

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