[rescue] Much stuff in MIT, Cambridge

Bob Keyes bob at sinister.com
Thu Mar 25 21:28:34 CST 2004

Some of you may have heard that RMS and the rest of the crew at LCS at MIT
have to move to a new building (the GATES building...such HORROR!). In
this move, much equipment is being chucked. Not even going to the reuse
list (a sort-of rescue list for MIT people) but lingering in the halls
before going to the dumpster. I don't even know how much stuff is already
in the big metal container out back.

So there's lots of stuff.

Lots of sun stuff.

But MIT has wierd politics and you could get in trouble if you are not
very careful. So if you are a Boston area person, get in contact with
friends at MIT, or talk to RMS or the rest of that crowd, and see what
they'll let you take.

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