[rescue] Quantum Atlas 10kII in a SS5?

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Thu Mar 25 16:31:50 CST 2004

Hey everyone!

I have another question. I have been having bizarre SCSI problems for 
some time now with my main Pee Cee system. Long story short, drive made 
funny noises, ordered new drive, new drive made funny noises, tried 
different system, same result, ordered new terminator and cabling, 
noise is gone but now I get a "timeout sending start unit command". 
It's rather frustrating to have my machine down for so long, especially 
since now I've just about replaced every component in there and I'm 
about to come to the conclusion that my old terminator fried both of my 

So, I want to test out the drives in another system, and the only other 
system I have with SCA is a SparcStation 5. Would a drive that fast 
even work in a SS5? Could it supply enough power?



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