[rescue] FrameMaker FYI

Mike F lists at ibrew.net
Thu Mar 25 15:17:43 CST 2004

Phil Stracchino wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 02:54:44PM -0500, Mike F wrote:
>>I don't think this is restricted to the world of computing - I 
>>think that in every industry there are people doing jobs who 
>>have no business doing so. Somehow they're able to fool most
>>people into thinking they know what they're doing and keep
>>their jobs.  - Mike
> Yes.
> And honestly, every time I flunk another job interview, or reject
> applying for a job because I know I don't have the skills for it, I
> can't keep myself from wondering if I'm one of them.
> I used to have confidence in my abilities.  Now, I increasingly doubt
> my own competence.

Don't worry about it - I've been turned down for jobs that I was 
well-qualified for, and jobs that I wasn't qualified enough for.
Unfortunately, HR people seem to all too often have unreasonably
high expectations, and people like us fall victim to them. Plus,
they have no way of seeing one's potential to learn what they 
don't already have experience with.  - Mike

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