[rescue] FrameMaker FYI

Mike F lists at ibrew.net
Thu Mar 25 13:54:44 CST 2004

Kevin wrote:
> Because the decision makers are sheeple driven by marketing 
> campaigns and ignorance.
> Just last night, a partner at our firm asked me to help a guy
>  with an email (they thought it was being blocked by our SPAM
>  filters.)  According to the partner, this person used to be 
> a head honcho at Arthur Andersen's IT consulting branch and 
> was suppose to "know" computers.  This fuck monkey couldn't 
> even use WinZip.  People are (and have been for many years) 
> taking advice from guys like this as though it were gospel.
> These guys are lucky to make to the end of a Gartner report 
> much less make any significant technical decisions.

At the small company I work for, the accountant is the "IT guy."
In other words, he's the guy that hires consultants to do
anything computing-related. He and the current MCSE consultant
he's contracted (supposedly a former admin at a medium-sized
university) have decided that remote access to the Windows
machines at our 2 locations would be nice, so they have the
"Remote Desktop Web Connection" running on our main file/MSSQL
server through our DSL connection :^O

And it gets better - the admin login/password are more or less 
default. So, anyone in the world could have full local access to 
our network after trying 2 or 3 login/password combinations. 
I've lost count of how many times I've offered to help secure 
things, but they always politely refuse. Oh, and when the 
Windows DHCP server went FUBAR I suggested assigning static 
addresses to the 15 or so desktops we have around here - his 
response was "what's a static address?"

I don't think this is restricted to the world of computing - I 
think that in every industry there are people doing jobs who 
have no business doing so. Somehow they're able to fool most
people into thinking they know what they're doing and keep
their jobs.  - Mike

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