[rescue] U1 or U2

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Thu Mar 25 11:06:34 CST 2004

At 09:29 AM 3/25/2004 , Lionel Peterson wrote:
>Ultra 30 - 250 or 300 MHz CPU, 16 DIMM slots, 2x SCA drive slots (both
>accomodate 1.6" high drives), single SCSI chain, dual "vertical" UPA slots,

Isn't there a prom hack to run the higher clock rate cpus in the U30?

>Ultra 2 - dual processor capable (170, 200, 250, 300 or 400 MHz), 16
DIMMs, 2x
>SCA slots (1" tall drives only), single SCSI chain, single UPA slot, PCI

I didn't know that U2 was pci--I thought it was sbus.


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